2018 @ Homlevillage

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 April  Dates to remember

 1.4  Easter Sunday

 2.4  Easter Monday   (Bank holiday)

 3.4  13:30hrs  Village post box Plastic Collection

 15 - 18.4  Swallows expected back from Africa

 23.4  St. George’s Day

 Coming up in May

 1.5   13:30hrs  Village post box plastic collection.


 Meet Jill Hooper for the third plastic collection walk.

 On the last walk  Nina and Jacob turned up to help.

 Total plastic collected came in at 17 Kgs.

 Unfortunately rain  stopped play.

 Jill is keen to beat that so if you have a spare hour  please give it a go.

 If not this time, as this is an ongoing event held on the  first Tuesday of every month, perhaps next time .

  7.5   Monday Bank Holiday

 28.5  Monday Bank Holiday