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                                     UPDATE: 15.04.20

We have a few items to update the community group on today. We are pleased to say the Collingham Area Pantry is coming along very well after some great donations over the weekend, so thank very much to all those who contributed.

It became very apparent that there are many people who would rather donate funds to the Pantry as they are isolating or reliant on supermarket deliveries for shopping, so I’m pleased to announce that Collingham Village Care has offered to assist with this and are available to take donations for the Pantry on 07954 409049. Please do so on the understanding that any funds left at the end of the pandemic may be donated to Collingham Village Care for their ongoing care of the community.

With this in mind, I’m pleased to announce we have Gary Boswell onboard to help coordinate our efforts in reaching those in need, who have suffered a drop in income during the crisis. We have setup an email address for people to get in touch. Whether you are self employed in the process of applying for Universal Credit or struggling in the current economic climate, please get in touch. Any emails will be treated with the utmost confidence. You can email us at             



A big thank you to the ongoing support of Waitrose, Morrisons, Coop, Collingham Village Care and all our volunteers and very generous people in the community.