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The Coronavirus Community Group is just coming up to its 3rd week since it was established by Alison Brown on Facebook, so it seems appropriate to pull together many of the announcements and posts into one place to explain where we are at, what we are doing and how the community can access assistance.

As many of you will know, this is a community group with a large number of people offering their time, assistance and support our local communities of Winthorpe, Langford, Holme, Collingham, Besthorpe, Brough and Girton. We are linked to the Local Authority Hub and the District and Country Authorities and working closely with district councillors.

We have so far distributed flyers personally, via local communities and through kind volunteers to all the communities in the area and established local teams to help coordinate and support people during the current period of isolation.

So far our combined efforts have been in getting information on where and how to access help and information to community members and in creating a volunteer support network.

This week we have established a centralised shopping team in cooperation with the coop who are supporting community projects and anyone asking the contact on their flyers for support in shopping will be coordinated by our group who will do the shopping on your behalf and get your necessities to you.

We’d also like to publicly thank Collingham Village Care for all their key role in setting this up and in providing a centralised number for people in isolation and payment methods and delivery for those in need. Without this, the logistics of shopping for such a wide community would be very difficult.

If you would like to donate some much-needed goods, foods or household products which can be distributed by the group, those kind people who have a little to spare may drop off goods at Collingham Football Club between 11-12 Weekdays or via our local groups.

For those of you who may have discarded or lost the flyers that where distributed and may need some assistance, please contact:

       Collingham Village Care (Charity Number 1140642)     Tel: 07954 409049